Fuel and Propane Delivery Service

Meyer Oil & LP delivers in Sauk, Richland, Juneau, and Vernon counties

propane deliveryMey­er Oil & LP serves clients with fuel and propane deliv­ery pri­mar­i­ly in Sauk, Rich­land, Juneau, and Ver­non Coun­ties. We deliv­er approx­i­mate­ly in a 25 mile radius. For a larg­er vol­ume we will dri­ve a lit­tle further.

We car­ry a bulk min­i­mum of 125 gal­lons for fuel deliv­ery, and 200 gal­lons for propane deliv­ery. That is our break-even point based on the cost of the fuel ver­sus the cost to run the trucks and pay our dri­vers. For a deliv­ery charge we will deliv­er small­er amounts.

We deliver to farms, homes, businesses, and construction sites.

We deliv­er fuel and propane to farms, homes, and busi­ness­es at their busi­ness loca­tion as well as on-site for con­struc­tion. We don’t deliv­er to gas stations.

Our Fuel and Propane Delivery Trucks

Our fuel and propane deliv­ery trucks hold rough­ly 2700 gal­lons. As we get calls, we keep a log of all the calls we get every day for what peo­ple are look­ing for. The dri­vers orga­nize it into effi­cient deliv­ery loads. That way they know they have 2000 gal­lons of diesel and 500 gal­lons of gas. They drop it off at the var­i­ous sites, come back and refill their trucks and start over.

The tanks on our trucks have five dif­fer­ent com­part­ments, and if we need to we can hold five dif­fer­ent kinds of fuel at the same time. Except for propane deliv­ery, in that truck, it is just propane.


We have four full time dri­vers and one sea­son­al dri­ver who helps us out in the win­ter months. We own and oper­ate a total of sev­en trucks; three trucks for fuel deliv­ery of all fuels oth­er than propane, three trucks for propane deliv­ery, and one truck for bulk oil deliv­ery. We cur­rent­ly have a cou­ple of new trucks  in production.

We store all our fuels in the same loca­tion, down the street from our office, right off the '400' trail in Reeds­burg. We have all the fuels there except diesel which we only deliv­er by truck. We have some real tall silo shaped tanks where we store most of our fuel and a cou­ple of pumps with some small thou­sand gal­lon under­ground tanks that we keep refill­ing everyday.

Fuel and Propane Delivery "Year-Round"

Fuel Delivery Four SeasonsThe win­ter months are busiest for deliv­ery of heat­ing oil. But there is nev­er not a busy time. Start­ing the end of Sep­tem­ber we work on har­vest. Start­ing in Octo­ber, depend­ing on the weath­er, we start on home heat­ing with fuel and propane deliv­ery, which car­ries us through March. Then the farm­ers are back in the fields for spring planting.

There is an over­lap with plant­i­ng and still heat­ing, if the weath­er is not warm enough. Once the heat­ing sea­son is done, towards the end of April, we are tear­ing down trucks.We focus a lot on get­ting fuel out to the farms, so they can get their crops in the field.

Once crops are plant­ed, between mid-June and late July until Sep­tem­ber when har­vest starts again, we are work­ing on trucks, fix­ing them, get­ting every­thing ready to go because we will have nine months of run­ning around again. In the sum­mer time we offer con­tracts to our LP cus­tomers to lock in their price for propane deliv­ery dur­ing the upcom­ing heat­ing sea­son. So they will have what they need.

Fuel and Propane Delivery "Within 24 hours"

We usu­al­ly deliv­er with­in 24 hours. If a cus­tomer calls in the mid­dle of Jan­u­ary and tells us their tank is emp­ty and their house is get­ting cold, we can get there a lit­tle soon­er than 24 hours. We will make sure they don’t freeze to death overnight. For the aver­age per­son who calls in and asks us to bring them 200 gal­lons of diesel, we will get it to them today if we have time yet, oth­er­wise for sure we will bring it tomor­row. Then some peo­ple ask to be put on the sched­ule for a cer­tain month. We can deliv­er on spe­cif­ic dates. Vaca­tion homes for exam­ple. If they call us and tell us they will be up from Chica­go this week, we can deliv­er them fuel or propane while they are there. That works out real­ly well.

We can get any amount of fuel with­in a day. We can deliv­er LP gas in the amount of what­ev­er your tank holds. Some peo­ple have a two hun­dred gal­lon, some a five hun­dred gal­lon and some a thou­sand gal­lon tank.