Fuel Delivery Service

Local and Personal Customer Service

Our cus­tomers tell us they like know­ing that we are a local fuel deliv­ery ser­vice. If they have a ques­tion they can walk through the door and talk to the peo­ple who make the deci­sions. Our clients don’t have to call across the state or across the coun­try to speak to some­one who has absolute­ly no idea who they are or where they live. They could care less. It is just anoth­er num­ber in the com­put­er. We know our clients on a per­son­al basis.

We offer affordable pricing, customer rapport, and we have you listed by name.

Fuel-Delivery-Service-Trans-4Our fuel deliv­ery ser­vice areas are split up in routes so that the per­son who brings you propane today is going to bring it all win­ter long, and for the next ten years. We are very lucky to have guys work for us who want to be here and who the cus­tomers all real­ly seem to like. They like their jobs and it’s nice that is has that per­son­al feel­ing to it. They have rap­port with the customers.

We have two dri­vers that used to work at anoth­er gas com­pa­ny. And they have clients that fol­lowed them to us, because they like their dri­ver. They like know­ing who is bring­ing their fuel. And he knows how to do it and don’t have to be told how to.

We try to be rea­son­able about our pric­ing. We get a lot of peo­ple call­ing us telling us com­pa­ny X, Y, Z is charg­ing us fifty cents more per gal­lon than what you are charg­ing. Can we use your fuel deliv­ery ser­vice? Can we start buy­ing fuel from you?

The cus­tomers feel bet­ter know­ing who they are deal­ing with. We have peo­ple telling us they need to fill out paper­work for ener­gy assis­tance, and they ask for their account num­ber because they don’t see it on their paper work. I tell them: "Hon­est­ly I don’t have an account num­ber, I have your account list­ed by your name". That is mean­ing­ful to us. A num­ber means noth­ing to us, but we know your name. That makes an impact on our client. Peo­ple seem to appre­ci­ate that. Off course we will make up a num­ber if they ask for it. But as long as the name is there we will know how to deal with it when the time comes.

Quicker Fuel Delivery Service

We work with 2 or 3 com­put­ers with the typ­i­cal soft­ware. Our dri­vers all have smart­phones and tablets in the trucks. We can dis­patch deliv­er­ies to them that show up on their tablets. So they know that as soon as we get the call and get the fuel deliv­ery ser­vice request logged on to the com­put­er it shows up on their tablet. If they are a mile away they can grab it quick although that wasn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly planned when they left. That is awe­some. We can be there quick­er for the cus­tomer espe­cial­ly when they are right around the corner.

Our fuel delivery service fleet is up to date and well maintained.

Our fleet is pret­ty new. Our old­est truck is a 96 but we do a lot of work to keep it up to date. Still it is 19 years old. We keep it good because we take good care of it and keep things run­ning well. Most of the rest of our trucks how­ev­er are a lot new­er. We cur­rent­ly have two new fuel deliv­ery ser­vice trucks in pro­duc­tion. The tanks are being man­u­fac­tured and put on the trucks as we speak. They are both 2015 mod­el year trucks with their respec­tive tanks. Even if you have an old­er truck you can have a new­er tank. Actu­al­ly the 96 truck we just talked about has a tank that we replaced. It was orig­i­nal­ly a truck that hauled gas and diesel and we replaced its old tank with a new tank that hauls propane. We did the upgrades it need­ed on the truck, since the truck body itself was good and sound. Peri­od­i­cal­ly we sand­blast the frames, take the rust off, and repaint all our trucks.

Fuel Delivery Service Contracts

Lock in your price!

fuel-delivery-service-trans-select-391Agri­cul­tur­al cus­tomers have the option to lock in the price of their diesel in the spring and propane cus­tomers can opt to lock in the price of their fuel in the sum­mer for the upcom­ing heat­ing sea­son. It is a way to get bet­ter fuel deliv­ery ser­vice com­mit­ments from our cus­tomers. It is always a gam­ble. We can mail off a con­tract that says you are going to pay $1.50 for your propane this year and the price may drop to $1.20, you still have to pay the $1.50 because that is the agree­ment that we made. We buy the fuel also against a locked in price so that we know what our price is. If you are pay­ing $1.50, so am I. There is our markup of course, but we’ve got our fuel prices locked in too. Even if the fuel drops, we still have to buy the expen­sive fuel also.

The prices fluc­tu­ate a lot. Two years ago there was a short­age, they say, on propane, and the price went up to just shy of $5 Some peo­ple even talked about $6, 7, 8 a gal­lon. If you would have locked in your propane with us at $1.50 that is what you would have paid. Even though your neigh­bor who didn’t lock it in had to pay $5. We hon­ored that con­tract. As you can see, it goes both ways.

The ben­e­fit of lock­ing in your price before­hand is that you know what your cost is going to be. For peo­ple who have to bud­get their mon­ey tight­ly or just want to take care of their costs for the year,they don’t have to wor­ry about what­ev­er the fuel deliv­ery ser­vice mar­ket may do. It is savvy busi­ness plan­ning to lock it in. It is a ben­e­fit for us because we can know what the fuel demand is, so we can get it. A cou­ple of years ago when the price took off on the propane, get­ting it was not easy for us either. We know what our busi­ness cost is, and we know what to expect for the heat­ing sea­son, and we get our bud­get in line.

Fuel-Delivery-Service-3For the farm­ers on the diesel side of things again, we Mey­er Oil and LP lock in, or con­tract diesel, so we know what our price will be. Then we offer that price to our farm­ers. It helps them plan their busi­ness also. This is how much my fuel is going to cost, this is how much my corn seed is going to cost, and this is how much my fer­til­iz­er is going to be. They can plan their bud­get for the year. They can plan that when they sell their corn they need to sell it for at least $5 a bushel, to break even or get ahead. For us as well as them it is impor­tant to know where you stand finan­cial­ly and how much is fuel or propane is going through your tanks.

Fuel Delivery Service Financial Plans

We offer the option for heat­ing cus­tomers to pay for their fuel deliv­ery ser­vice on a month­ly bud­get plan. Instead of pay­ing it all at once they can pay us off month­ly. Over what peri­od they spread out their pay­ments we leave up to the cus­tomers. Most peo­ple choose to do it over a 12 month peri­od, some peo­ple only want to pay it off over a peri­od of 8 months. What­ev­er works for the customer!